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Locating Debtors for Businesses

Every business - no matter how large or small - will at some point have a client fail to deliver financially. Now some debt is easily recovered with a quick phone call or email, reminding the customer or client of payments. This is often followed with multiple apologies by the client, making the payment (or return of assets) merely late. However, when payments become either consistently late or don’t occur at all you need to involve a team of professionals like ourselves. Debt is more than just clerical errors, miscommunication and laziness. Often it’s a conscious decision by the client, so that they can save a few dollars. 

However, if a client has already consciously decided to not pay, they’ve probably also decided to cover their tracks and run. 

Certain clients will know going in that they’re not going to pay - and we se say this because we’ve seen it before. If a client doesn’t go in with these intentions but then cannot afford the services you have provided, they’ll dodge your calls/emails for as long as they can to prevent from paying. 

Too many businesses lose money either because clients and customers try to cheat them out of paying or because they don't have the time, resources or ability to locate debtors. 

Debt recovery and locative services often go hand in hand. There are only so many emails and phone calls you can make before you need to take further action and regain your finances. 

So let’s take a deeper look at debt recovery, locative services and how the combination of both can help your business.

Locative Services. You can’t recover debt from someone if you don’t know where they are. If you’ve been unable to find the person that owes your business money, we can locate them and assist in that side of the process. Don’t waste your time and resources trying to find someone when we can do it for you.

If you someone that owes you money is no longer contactable, there’s always a way in which we can find them. You can’t just ‘win some and lose some’ when it comes to your business. If you were promised finances, you deserve to have them paid. 

Debt Recovery Services. Debt recovery is more than just asking for finances and assets to be retrieved or regained. In certain cases (pardon the pun) lawyers need to get involved, and the correct practices need to be put in place. 

We always recommend that you seek legal counsel where required so as to ensure that you are always on the right side of your decision making. The reason being that you need to make sure you’re in the right before you create any further problems for your business. 

Once you know you’re safe from a legal point, we can recover your debt to ensure that your safety and reputation remains untarnished. 

So, if your business has debtors, then you need to look at ways in which you can recover this debt. Especially if you’re unable to locate or find the person or client that owes you

Every business can benefit from a private investigator; especially when it comes to debt recovery. So if you and your business require debt recovery services or locative services, feel free to contact us to see how we can help. 

Ryan Lim
Tenant Lockouts for Landlords & Real Estate Agents

One of the services that we operate heavily in debt recovery for small and large scale businesses. But what do you think of when you hear that term?
When the term ‘debt recovery’ comes to mind, do we only focus on the monetary side of things? Or do we focus on our assets as well?
To us, debt recovery is more than just retrieving the finances that an individual, or a business owes you. It’s also about your assets.
Many business’ lease out certain assets such as vehicles, machinery, tools & equipment.

But one of the most valuable things that is leased out, and often taken advantage of, is property.

In the past, we’ve worked with real estate agents, landlords and other property rental companies in legally regaining land, buildings and property that are unfairly being used outside, or past their contracts.
We’ve been hired in the past to recover property and conduct property lockouts to tenants who are working outside the terms and conditions of their contract, or have not paid for the lease of the property. This is a form of debt recovery, and happens more often than you would think.

After all, if your tenant isn’t paying rent, or is using the facility/property past their contracts, then you deserve to have something done. So, what do you do before you conduct a tenant lockout?

Read over your Contracts

Before any claims, lockouts or letters/emails are sent, you need to ensure that you’re legally in the right and can conduct a lockout.
Go over your contracts to ensure that all parties are aware of the dates in which they signed on to, or the finances that they agreed to pay, as well as the regularity/basis in which they wanted to pay them.

You also need to ensure that the tenants were made aware of these details, and if the contracts have been signed, then they should be aware of these conditions.
The worst thing you could do is perform a lockout outside your contract simply due to a clerical or administrative error. So before you conduct a lockout, go through your contracts.

Seek Legal Advice

If you’re owed finances, or need to break this contract due to a tenant not being able to pay for months, you should seek legal advice.
A lawyer will be able to assist you in ensuring that all your actions & decisions will be above board and legally viable. This is to again ensure that you don’t put your business, agency or property in jeopardy. We can also only perform lockouts if we are legally entitled to, so it’s always better to seek counsel before you act.

Hire the Professionals

Lockouts shouldn’t be performed by everyone. It’s more than just putting bolts around gates or asking someone to pack their bags and go. We’ve been conducting tenant lockouts for many years, and through this have gained experience in how to approach tenants and know the legalities of doing these lockouts.
As we do with most things, we cannot stress to you more that you do NOT conduct lockouts yourself. This can be dangerous, and can potentially end poorly.

Debt recovery is a serious issue that can affect landlords and real estate agents. Your business shouldn’t have to suffer due to someone else. If someone can’t afford the rent, then perhaps they need to look at other properties. If someone is overstaying their welcome, then they too need to seek alternative options.

If you’re a real estate agent, property leaser or landlord and are in need of debt/asset recovery, feel free to contact us to see how we can help. We’ll help decipher whether or not it’s viable, and be able to help you safely and securely regain your property or assets.

Ryan Lim
The Business of Background Checks

In the year 1820, Thomas Jefferson in a letter wrote “Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Weakness”. 

It’s true, knowledge gives you the power to make informed decisions, based on facts and truth. Ignorance places you in a weak position. 

Many businesses, business owners and individuals utilise our service of a background check in order to be fully informed. Knowledge and Power are vital to a building a healthy, profitable business. 

Background checks are used in many ways, to find out the truth about a person or situation.  

Here are some ways a background check may be useful to you. 

Business Owners. 

When hiring staff, a resume only reveals select information about a potential hire. What is written may look impressive, and the candidate may appear well presented, knowledgeable and competent. 

But what is the truth about this potential employee? Do they have a criminal past? Have they disclosed every past place of employment, even the ones where they have been fired under shady circumstances?

A background check is the preferred way of knowing the truth about this person. Background checks can uncover criminal history, poor behaviour, compromised morals and all sorts of information a potential employee may want to remain hidden. This information puts you in the know, so you can make an informed decision about who you can entrust unto your business and clients.

Credit Providers, Landlords & Property Agents, Vehicle Leasers. 

Many in the financial services industry know that a credit report is only part of the story when it comes to someone’s ability and potential to repay a loan. 

Real estate agents are also aware that a property application and search of the appropriate Tenancy Database will only reveal some information about a potential tenant. To protect property and landlords, we are often called upon to dig a little deeper when it comes to a property lease application. 

People will lie about all sorts of personal information on an application; from rental history, to pets, to expected living arrangements, to employment and finance. Background checks conducted by our team have saved landlords tens of thousands of dollars in potential damage to property. 

When leasing a vehicle, does the leaser have the ability to pay? Have they disclosed all of their driving history and habits? Could they potentially abscond with the vehicle? Vehicle leasing companies regularly utilize the service of a background check, as the time, money and effort saved is always worth engaging us. 


Everyone wants to find and fall in love with Mr or Mrs Right. During the start of a relationship, it’s easy to gloss over “red flags” because you are in love. Strong feelings may cause a person to commit to someone they barely know and maybe shouldn’t trust. The potential partner may say all the right things, and act in a perfect manner, but maybe they are hiding their past?

‘The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour’- Dr Phil 

On many occasions when we have conducted a background check on a spouse, we have found poor character, a shady past, abuse, cheating or criminal activity. Each and every time, our client expresses that they wish they knew this information truth sooner. Knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness. 

All our background checks are conducted with utmost discretion. They will never know, and you have the right to be informed. 

Mention this blog post for 50% off background checks until February 2020. To engage us, simply complete the “Contact Us” form on the contact page of our website, and we will be in touch. 

Ryan Lim
Why do we locate missing people?

Great question! There are many reasons we are contacted to find a person. Here are a few of the more common circumstances. 

1. Missing persons cases. 

Often family and friends of a missing person as classified by Police, engage our services. If a family member or friend does go missing, the first point of call is your local police. 

In missing persons cases, over 95% of missing persons are located by Police within 48 hours. 

Some reasons these people go missing are:

  • Mental illness

  • Miscommunication

  • Misadventure

  • Domestic Violence

  • Being a Victim of Crime

To be clear, we are NOT Police. Your first report needs to go to Police, each and every time. However, we can and do assist in cases of the less than 5% who are classed as long term missing persons. 

We regularly assist friends and family of a missing person who feel they need fresh eyes and ears to join the search. 

We prefer to work with Police, however we often have different methods and avenues of enquiry. There’s no point “barking up the same tree” in terms of locating a person, but guaranteed we have alternative ways available to us to find missing persons. 

We have achieved great success on many occasions when assisting with these missing persons cases. 

2. Court cases. 

Often a defendant/debtor/witness goes missing, either deliberately, or because insufficient information has been obtained. 

This is one of our specialities. 

We regularly work with lawyers and law firms to locate and serve evasive or missing defendants. 

Through the years, we’ve seen many defendants attempt to run and hide, but our message to these defendants is “we will find you, we will serve you, and you will be brought before the court”. 

Lawyers love our services because we are highly successful, and our costs for lawyers are kept to a bare minimum. Operating Australia-wide means we have more agents on the ground in local areas to find and serve defendants quickly. 

3. Reunion. 

One reason we are contacted is a client may want to be reunited with someone. These reunion locates come in many forms, the most common being an adopted (now adult) child wants to find their natural parent. Alternatively, a parent may want to locate and reach out to a natural child. 

We have located family members who have deliberately lost contact, whether it be over a disagreement or misunderstanding. Time goes by and one member of the family want to reconcile, that’s where we can come in and assist. 

We’ve achieved great result for many high school or club reunions, where old mates and associates have moved and lost contact, but want to organise a gathering, years later. 

Other reunion locate occasions we assist with are the “high school sweetheart” scenario where an ex partner wishes to make contact. They endeavour to see if, years later, they can rekindle some romance and share some memories. 

4. Deceased estate. 

When a deceased person has left a will, the executor of the estate (property, finances, belongings) needs to manage many of the deceased persons responsibilities. 

One important role is to determine what is to be passed on to those listed on the will (the beneficiaries). A will often does not contain current contact details for the beneficiaries, and that’s where we come in. 

We assist an executor of a will to locate the rightful beneficiaries. 

Is there someone you need located?

We would love to assist. Our quotes are free of charge and our services are not as expensive as you may think. Make sure you get in contact via either our website or social media pages. 

Ryan Lim
Process Serving for Law Firms Pt. 2

In our last blog, we spoke about the reasons as to why your law firm should not only use a PI for process serving, but the reasons as to why you should have a regular, go-to private investigator. 

The reasons for this are: trust, experience and knowledge of procedure

But beyond these three attributes comes a financial and procedural reality. 

It’s all good and well that you can trust that your private investigator in both their experience and their knowledge of procedure. However, when your law firm is looking to hire a private investigator, you need to know how much ‘trust, experience and knowledge’ is going to cost you. When your law firm or business engages with us for process serving there are some things you should definitely know. 

Our costs are as per the Magistrates Court Scale of Costs. 

Most private investigators put a fee on top of this, however we know and understand what you need, and therefore charge you accordingly. 

 First attempt to serve made within 24 hours of receiving a documents. 

You want results, and you want them quick. When you hire us, we always seek to make our first attempt in the first 24 hours so that you can get results ASAP. This also comes back to trust. If we don’t successfully make the first attempt, you’ll be notified. You won’t be sitting there waiting by the phone.

We don’t charge more than one attempt fee which includes multiple attempts. We don’t charge for reports and affidavits, these are provided free of charge. 

In some cases, private investigators charge per attempt or charge based on hours it takes. This is not the case for us. If we can’t get it on the first attempt, that’s on us. You shouldn’t have to pay more for something that is out of your control. 

Attempts to serve are made at residential addresses between 7am-9am and 5pm-9pm. Attempts at business addresses during normal business hours. 

Often process servers only serve documents between 9-5 or during business hours. However, our business hours look a little different. We want results quick, and know that we’re not going to get them exclusively between  9am and 5pm. However, if we are processing for a business, we look to process serve when that business is open, and do so between business hours.  

Heavily discounted rates for Private Investigation available to lawyers and law firms.

We don’t charge through the roof, particularly for law firms. We understand the financial side of what you do, and therefore want to make it as easy as possible for you to get results. 

 We operate Australia-wide. 

We’re not bound by one city or state. Often in the past we’ve had to serve documents to people who have left the state or are no longer where they were thought to once be. But because our team extends all throughout Australia, we could process serve them with ease and get quick results. Your team might be based in one city, but ours is based Australia wide, so if you can’t serve documents in (for example) Sydney, we can.

Once you know you can trust your PI, you need to look at the facts. We hope that you consider these things when hiring a PI. If you have any questions, or are interested in hiring us, feel free to get in contact with us for all your process serving requirements. 

Ryan Lim
Process Serving for Law Firms

Process serving, as we’ve stated multiple times in the past, is no easy task. It requires skill, experience, determination and a keen mind. In the past we’ve often recommended that you look to hire a private investigator, such as ourselves rather than doing it yourself. 

The reasons for this are due to safety, time, and mostly due to our locative services. However, if you operate (or operate within) a law firm, you need to heavily consider having a regular, go-to Private Investigator that you can use. 

Someone, like us

The reason you need to have a regular private investigator who handles your process serving is because of a few reasons. 


Trust is hard to build and easy to take away, which is why we are always in communication with our clients. If an attempt is made, however the documents aren’t delivered, you can be assured that you’ll be notified. We’ve often heard about PI’s who sell themselves as ‘hole in one’ process servers, but are really averaging three or four attempts. This is not the case with us. Sometimes we deliver first attempt, and sometimes the process is a little longer. But either way, we’re always honest, to ensure that trust is built. 

Ask your Private Investigator questions, and see what they say, because if it doesn’t line up, it might be time to engage with Down Under. 


Experience in this particular field is an absolute must. You never know who is on the other side of a document, and you never know how dangerous they can be. So, is your PI experienced? Have they done this type of work before? These are all valid questions your law firm should be asking. The reason for that is because you need these people to be in court, and can’t have a delayed trial simply due to a PI not being able to live up to what they’ve said they can do. 

Ask them if they’ve done this before. Ask them how often. 

Knowledge of Procedure

Does your PI know what actually needs to occur within the circumstances of delivering papers? 

There’s a very strict procedure that needs to be done, and do you trust that your PI has the experience as well as the knowledge to undertake these procedures. You don’t want to jeopardise a case because of your PI’s lack of knowledge. 

If you’ve never worked with a PI, feel free to contact us with any questions. Especially with the questions we’ve recommended, because you should always query your PI on their knowledge, experience and whether or not you can trust them. 

Your law firm deserves the best, so if you need a PI to deliver documents and process serve, let us help.

We want to ensure that justice is served and that you always get a win on your side.

Ryan Lim
How PI's Assist the Car Rental Industry

Over the last few years we’ve seen the expansion of rideshare apps on a whole new level. Companies such as Uber, Ola & DiDi (to name a few) as well as food delivery apps such as Deliveroo & UberEats have changed the way in which our society works. However, they have not only changed the way in which our everyday lives play out, but they have caused the Car Rental Industry to boom

The reasoning for that is because most rideshare apps require a certain standard or quality of vehicle of which the driver must use. Now, as you can probably assume, most drivers don’t initially have these types of cars in the initial stages of becoming a driver, nor can they afford to purchase a new vehicle just for the soul purpose of being an uber driver. Therefore, the driver rents a vehicle that meets the rideshare app’s standard, and thus begins their work.
However, it’s often not that simple nor that peaceful. Many rideshare drivers often don’t make their rental car par payments due to a lack of income. Or, in some cases that we’ve seen, people use rideshare businesses as the cause to hire a vehicle, and then will begin to drive away with the car vehicle, with no intention of continuing payments. 

Many people begin their career as an Uber driver with honest intentions, but often don’t make payments due to lack of income, but this means that the car rental industry loses out. 

This is where we can help. 

In the last year, Down Under Investigations has repossessed over 250 vehicles, many of which were used for the purpose of rideshare apps.
However, car repossessions are more than just phoning a person to return the vehicle, because often further matters need to be taken. There are a multitude of reasons as to why hiring a Private Investigation can benefit your car rental business, should it need to repossess cars. 

Locative Services
Most rental cars are now equipped with GPS tracking devices should this ever become problematic. However, there are some that aren’t, which is where we can assist. If your vehicle is missing, we can assist in locating it. 

Servicing Australia Wide
We have a team that expands Australia wide, which means that it doesn’t matter where your vehicle is, we can repossess it and ensure that it is brought back to its original location. 

Experience & Industry Knowledge
Repossessing cars is no easy task, and we know this through our years of experience. Car repossessions can be dangerous if not done correctly, so as we always say, leave it to the professionals.

If you and your business need an individual - or multiple - vehicles to be repossessed, we are your go to team. We want to help your business be all it can be. So visit our website & contact us if you would like to enquire about our services.

Ryan Lim
Why Your Business needs a P.I

Over the years, we’ve assisted a multitude of both small & large scale business owners and organisations. However, many businesses don’t realise the benefit or necessity of having a go-to P.I. Whether you’re a large or small scale business owner, the necessity of having a go-to private investigator remains the same. In this blog, we’re going to highlight just a few of the reasons as to why you and your business will need a go-to P.I. 

Background Checks

Within the employment process, albeit for a small or large scale organisation, background checks are incredibly vital. Private investigators can perform background checks on potential employees for your business to ensure that these people are who they say they are. This will ensure that you create a safe work environment for you and your employees. You want to be able to trust all your employees, which is why you need a go-to private investigator to conduct background checks. It will not only assist you legally and keep you out of harm's way, but will assist you in maintaining your business’ reputation. The repercussions of a poor hiring choice due to a lack of background checks can destroy your business’ reputation faster than you think. So, if you’re a business owner, we highly recommend having a go to P.I like us. 

Debt Collection & Recovery

If your business has debt that needs recovering, or has clients that are unwilling to pay for the services you have provided, we can work with you to recover this debt. People often feel as though they can take advantage of business’, or not fulfil their half of the bargain. However, if you’re contractually bound, then you deserve to be debt free. No matter how large or small your debt is, we’ve worked with a multitude of business owners who have regained finances through our services. If your business, or if a business owner you know has debt in which they want to get back, we can assist you. 

Surveillance & Investigation

As you may have guessed, we work predominantly in investigative and surveillance work. However, you may be asking yourself as to why you would need surveillance in the workplace or as a business owner. Has money gone missing? Have employees been slacking off, but you don’t know how to prove it? Are your employees conducting illegal activity within your business? The reason we bring this three situations up is because we’ve seen them occur. We’ve seen a varying range of incidents in which employers and business owners have had to investigate employees whilst in the workplace, so it’s always worth a conversation to see if we can help. We can also assist in the instalment and advisory of security cameras. If you’re concerned for the safety, well being and overall productivity of your workplace, surveillance and investigative services are for you. 

Over the years, we’ve successfully assisted business owners in debt recovery, background checks and surveillance, and can for you and your business. If you, or anyone you know requires the services that we provide, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Ryan Lim
The Dangers of the FaceApp

Over the years, we’ve seen a multitude of trends hit our phone screens. Whether it’s a ‘cinnamon challenge’ or a ‘ten year challenge’, there’s always something new out there that we all want to be apart of.
Most of these ‘challenges’ are harmless, and some of them, like the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ assist in raising awareness or finances.
However, not all are as harmless as they seem at first.

A recent trend that’s been circulating the current social media circles is not necessarily as harmless as it may seem. That particular trend, is the age altering technology from FaceApp. For those who haven’t necessarily seen it in their newsfeed yet, essentially the user is required to upload a photo and FaceApp edits the image to make the user’s face look like their in their 70’s. You might have guessed it, but it went viral.
Users not only wanted to see what they’d look like in the next 30+ years, but wanted to show their friends. Now, everytime you log onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, someone you know is posting an image of their potential future self.

However, it was all fun and games until people started to take notice of the terms and conditions...
FaceApp’s terms and conditions state that they can utilise the image you upload, and essentially will have the right to do with it what they please. There have also been comments made about the app being able to access contacts, your location through GPS and a whole other stack of things.

Now, we’re not conspiracy investigators, we’re private investigators which is we’re evaluating it with as much factual information as we can. However, there are a lot of accusations being thrown around by some credited and uncredited people.

Over the last few years, multiple facial recognition apps have been targeted for their terms and conditions, as have multiple apps in general. But before downloading FaceApp, or any other facial recognition app, we recommend the following.

Do you Research.

Before you download anything, see what people are saying. Albeit through reviews, news articles or just a quick google search, make sure you look into the app you’re about to download, or purchase. Because many of them require card or bank details, and many have and potentially can take advantage of yours.

Read the terms and conditions.

‘But they’re so many pages!’ You know what’s worse than having to read the terms and conditions? Identity theft. You might find something in there that allows the app to use your

details, images, location or card details. So, if you’ve agreed to the T&C’s, and get scammed, you may never be able to get them back, because technically you agreed to it.

If you’re uncertain, don’t use it.

If there’s a slight part of you that feels like something dodgy is happening, it’s often best not to use that app. Don’t get caught up in it all, even if everyone else is doing it.

Before downloading the FaceApp, or any other facial recognition app, make sure you put your cautious cap on. When dealing with these new apps, you can never be too careful. So think about what you’re doing before you download it, and maybe use the best aging indicator (the mirror) instead.

Ryan Lim
What to do if you’re arrested.

It’s a fact of life in Australia that Police are the law enforcement organisation to provide a safe, secure and orderly society. As Private Investigators, we on occasion work closely with police. Many files where we obtain instructions from a private citizen may end up in the hands of Police, depending on what information we are able to obtain. 

For example, a client was arrested and charged with an offence they are adamant they did not commit. This client was unable to recall exactly where they were at the time of the alleged offence. Our team was able to assist by tracing our clients whereabouts over the time period in question, proving not just that they were not involved in the alleged offence, but they were in fact over 1,500 kilometres away at the time. Our evidence was presented to Police who then dropped charges as they knew there was no way they could secure a conviction against such compelling evidence. 

On another file, an individual asked us to follow her ex-partner for the weekend whilst he had custody of their son. Video evidence was obtained of the ex-partner driving whilst drinking alcohol and driving in an erratic manner with the child unsecured in the vehicle. Due to fear for stage safety of the child passenger, and the general public, we immediately contacted Police who attended and spoke with the ex-partner. He denied our allegations, however after handing the clear video footage to the Police, he was charged and later pled “guilty” in court. 

Whether your dealings with Police have been positive or negative, we believe Police play a vital role in our society. We always treat Police with respect and encourage you to do the same.  

Being arrested

A Police Officer can arrest you when they:

Reasonably believe you have broken a law.

Have a warrant for your arrest.

Know you are a risk to a family member.

You are not free to leave. The Police Officer must tell you that you are under arrest. They do not have to do this if it is not possible for them to tell you, for example, you are running away from them.

You must go with the Police Officer if you are arrested.

The Police can charge you with ‘resisting arrest’ if you try to stop them from arresting you.

The Police Officer can also use reasonable force to arrest you if you refuse to accept your arrest. Reasonable force means using enough physical force to arrest you, and no more. The Police Officer can only do this if they had the right to arrest you in the first place.

You may make a complaint if the Police Officer uses excessive force to arrest you or tries to arrest you no reason.

If you're not sure ask the Police Officer ‘Am I under arrest?’ and ‘Why am I under arrest?’. These questions are very reasonable at such time. You do not have to go with the Police Officer if you are not under arrest.

If the Police want you to take a breath or drug test at the Police Station, you are not actually under arrest. Refusing to co-operate however can result in a large range of other charges. 

In custody

After arrest, the police will take you into custody. This means the Police Officer may take you to a police station, custody centre or the police cells at court. You may have to travel in a police vehicle to get there. The Police Officer may choose to handcuff you.

While you are in custody, the Police may:

Ask you for your name and address.

Ask you to give a statement.

Interview you.

Fingerprint you.

Search you.

Ask to photograph you.

Charge you.

Charge you and give you bail.

You have the right to make two phone calls, one to a lawyer AND one to a friend or relative.

The police must give you a private space to use the phone, where they cannot hear you.

The Police Officer may not let you call anyone if:

They brought you into custody for a drink driving or drug driving matter.

The police officer reasonably believes the phone call may:

Help another person involved in the offence get away.

Put other people in danger.

Time held in custody

The Police can only keep you in custody for a reasonable time before they charge you. The law does not specify what a reasonable time is. This depends on the seriousness of the offence and how long it takes the Police to interview you.

When you think the Police have kept you in custody for too long:

Ask when they are going to charge you or release you.

Ask to phone a lawyer.

Make a complaint later.

Your personal property 

The Police will take your personal property if they are holding you in a Police cell. They must list all of your property on a ‘property sheet’. They will then ask you to sign the sheet to agree with them about what property has been taken.

The Police must give your property back to you when they release you from custody. They do not have to do this if they have kept your property as evidence or destroyed it.

Your attitude. 

Together with your knowledge of your rights, you attitude is of vital importance when dealing with Police. Your own co-operation with be noted by Police. Showing humility and respect will likely keep you from being dealt with harshly. Always remember, Police are human, like you and I. They may make mistakes, they have emotions and most that we have worked with will treat you as you treat them. If you’re aggressive, evasive and abusive, your behaviour will be counted against you. 

Always remember, they are doing their job and without them we would have a lawless and hopeless society.

Ryan Lim