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How to avoid a Catfish situation

So much of what we do today is based online. We shop online, we socialise online, we learn online, we order food online and we can even meet our partners online. 
Years ago, this would’ve been completely foreign notion. The fact that most of our lives could be outlived from the comfort of our home on a laptop or phone. However, today we’re not going to be talking about online shopping or how amazing tertiary education can be if you study online... Today we’re going to be talking about being ‘Catfished’, and about meeting partners through online dating sites and/or on social media.

Now, for those who are unaware of what the term catfish means or haven’t seen the hit documentary, it’s a term that is used to describe someone who creates an account on Facebook, Instagram or a dating service using someone else’s images to create a profile that is not them. There are many different reasons as to why people do this, some are because they want to pretend to be someone else for a bit (maybe because they’re potentially ashamed of who they are) but others can be more dangerous reasons. In fact many people catfish for the sole purpose of financial gain. 

So how do you avoid a catfish situation? How do you ensure that the person you were talking to online is truthful, reliable and really who they say they are. 

Fact and Information check.

Every dating website or social media page will allow and force users to have a profile page. This page will then have information about the person you’re interacting with. So, one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from a potential scammer or catfish situation, is to have a look at the information they’ve given you and to fact check it. Is the University they attended real? How many photos does this person have of them self? How old did they say they are, and how old do they really look?

You might find nothing, or you might re-find information that you already knew, but if something doesn’t line up then you should definitely question whether or not it’s the truth.

Ask for proof.

If you have never met this person in real life, and all your dealings with them, albeit romantic or business, are online it’s never a bad thing to ask whether or not the person you’re talking to is really the person you’re talking to. Asking them to send a quick photo, or even ask them to meet you in person, because it is nothing to be ashamed of. If they can’t do something small like take a quick selfie and send it, then something is definitely very (cat)fishy. 

Don’t engage financially.

If the reason you’re talking is at first romantic, but then becomes financial, be cautious in how you move forward. If you’re partner needs money to buy plane tickets or for a phone bill they need pay because it will ‘help them talk to you’, that’s their problem. If you had to work to pay your bills, so can they. And if they really have feelings for you, they’ll do what they can to make it work, not make you pay.

Don’t buy in to people who are asking for money for small favours, because you never know how many guys or girls they have on the line doing this to. 

Catfish situations are becoming more and more of a common occurrence, which is why it’s becoming more and more important for you to be on the lookout for someone who might be wanting to catfish you. Now, we are not trying to spark paranoia, nor do we want you to question every single interaction you have with someone online. 

However, we do believe you should be cautious of those that you meet online, because although some may have the best intentions, often there are those who don’t.

If you’ve experienced a catfish situation, or would like us to investigate a certain catfish situation for you, feel free to contact us for a free quotation. We’re happy to de-big any theories or concerns you might have about the person you’re interacting with, because we’re always here to help.

Ryan Lim
When to Trust your Sixth sense with a Cheater.

In our last Podcast, we spoke about the five physical signs of a cheating partner. We delved into how a partners taste, touch, appearance, smell and what they say can reveal if they’re a potential cheater. These signs can be crucial in determining whether or not what you’re seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting is paranoia or something more. 

And the reason why we bring up this notion is because off the back of this, we wanted to talk about the ‘Sixth Sense’. Not the movie with Bruce Willis where the kid sees dead people (Spoiler Alert), because if you start seeing dead people that’s definitely an issue for the police. 

The sixth sense we’re talking about is that gut feeling you get when somethings not quite right.

But, when do you start to trust your sixth sense? 

At what point after trusting your gut do you call us to investigate?

How do you confront them once you find out the information?
Let’s take this one question at a time. 
So, when do you start to trust your sixth sense? 

We all have a gut feeling about something, but no one knows your gut feeling like you do. We all get suspicious. We all get jealous. We all get paranoid. But there’s a difference between paranoia and a gut feeling. When you know, you know. So the first thing you need to establish is whether this is a true, genuine gut feeling, or just you being paranoid. 

Maybe you’re at a work convention and your partner and his receptionist laughed a bit too long after that joke.

Maybe your partner has been late home more than usual with different excuses each time.
Whatever the situation, you need to establish whether or not you’re being paranoid or actually have a feeling something is up. Confide in a friend, and see what they say. Talking about this is always a good option, because others will be able to tell you if what you’re thinking has validity. Like they say, two heads are better than one.

At what point after trusting your gut do you call us to investigate?

So you’ve had the gut feeling, you think you’re partner is cheating on you. But do you react, or respond? Before you contact us, it’s always best to wait a bit. Now obviously each to their own, but this again comes down to gut feeling vs paranoia. The reason we say this is because if your partner comes home one night late and has a poor excuse, it may be what you think it is, but it’s more likely not what you think it is. More often than not, the bad habits that your partner displays will go on for extended periods of times. After they’ve occurred over an extended period of time, that’s when you should contact us. We can subtly investigate and bring facts and evidence to your gut feeling and sixth sense. 

How do you confront them once you find out the information?

You’ve trusted your gut, you’ve got us involved, you’ve found that your partner is cheating. 

But how do you confront them? The best way is to talk to them, tell them what you’ve seen, what you know and what’s occured. If you need to involve lawyers, then we can also serve documents and papers to your husband or wife. But in all of this, respond with facts, not with feelings. Because we all get a little jealous or paranoid sometimes, but don’t feed it without knowing the facts. 

When it comes to your sixth sense, you can’t afford to confuse it with paranoia. It will only spark jealousy and pain, so be ensure to confide in someone who you can trust, or to call us for a consultation. 

We’re happy to answer any and every question you have to get the best result for you and your situation. 

So, call us, before it’s too late, it might just save your relationship from paranoia, or save you from being in a cheating relationship.

Ryan Lim
The benefits of a Location Investigation

You might have already guessed this, but Investigations are a huge part of what we do. And we pride ourselves on the diligent work we do, and the discreet nature in which it’s performed.

However, not a lot of people understand what actually occurs on an investigation. Unfortunately we can’t divulge all the details of an investigation, because that wouldn’t be very private now would it!? But we are going to speak about the importance of locative Investigations. There are many reasons why someone might need to be located, some are for legal purposes, others are for personal.

The first reason is to locate a missing person. Now before we go any further, if someone in your world has gone missing, we need to make it clear that the Police MUST be your first point of call. However, if they become a long term missing person, we can always assist in this.

We want to help bring your loved ones home, and want to reunite you with your family. 

The second reason is for legal reasons. Maybe the defendant or the respondent in your matter to go before the courts has “done a runner”? Is there a witness who could give evidence for you? These are all people that we can assist you in locating for court proceedings.
Perhaps you need to serve someone who is hiding from the law. We receive many phone calls and enquirers about process serving, but with the added addition of ‘but I don’t know where they are’. This is a pretty common occurrence, which means that our team is equipped and ready to locate those who are needed in court. 

The third and final reason is for a personal reason. Have you ever wondered where your best mate from high school was and wasn’t sure how to find them? Have you ever wondered where your long lost family member is now? 

These are all great questions, and great reasons to want to locate someone. We love reuniting family members and long lost friends with each other, and have done it more often than you think. It might be something to consider if you’ve always wanted to know where an old friend is now.

Investigations are more than just trench coats and dark alley ways. They’re not like what the movies portray. But they can help, and can bring you closure, justice and even reunite you with family and friends.

If you’re considering a locative investigation, for any of these reasons or more, get in contact with us to find out more information. Because we’re always here to help.

Make sure you get in touch with us for a free quote on location services. We do our best to keep costs to a minimum and we are ready to assist you. 

Ryan Lim
Why are surveillance services necessary?

For some reason, some people don’t like the word surveillance. Some people believe that it has a connotation to words like stalking or tracking, however, we don’t associate it with those kind words. We associated it with finding out the truth. Surveillance has a bad reputation for some people, which is why we want to change that because one day, you may just need it.

Unfortunately in many circumstances, there is only one way to find out said truth, and that’s through surveillance.
Now some have sought to do their own surveillance, or as we like to call it,  DIY private investigation. However, this can be a potentially risky move, however if done with subtlety (and in the correct manner) it can be done.

But when it comes to uncovering facts and evidence, it can often become a necessity, and a bigger necessity to have it done by a professional team, like at Down Under Investigations.

But WHY is it a necessity? 

The first reason is it uncover the truth. 

Relationships, albeit romantic, friendship or through work, are built on trust and honesty. And we believe that if the truth is hidden, it needs to be brought to the light. 

But if you are suspicious, confront the person and they lie to you. There’s really only one way to uncover the truth, and that’s through surveillance. Maybe we’ll find nothing, maybe we’ll find something. Maybe we’ll fulfill what you always suspected, but at least you will have uncovered the truth, which will bring you a great peace of mind. 

The second reason that business’, families and relationships aren’t built on hypotheticals.

Whatever your situation is, it will get to a point where you can no longer say ‘what if’, and you have start finding and knowing the truth. There’s only so many time you can say ‘it didn’t happen’ without knowing the full truth. You can’t base your life on hypothetical questions and situations, which is why surveillance can help. 

The third and final reason is that - just like relationships - legal systems can’t be based on hypotheticals. Surveillance is often used to provide evidence for court, and the court needs cold hard facts. They can’t provide justice on ‘what if’ situations.
A judge and jury need to know the truth, and surveillance often provides that, which then leads to justice being served.

Surveillance could be the difference between a fair and an unfair trial. It could be he difference between a good working relationship or a poor one. It could be the difference between and honest marriage or a dishonest one.
Surveillance can be a great necessity, and if it’s something that you need, feel free to contact us to provide these services or to learn more about how we can help you.

Ryan Lim
Why we have hope for those who are Missing

Every year, approximately 38,000 people go missing. 

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. 38,000. 

That’s one person every 15 minutes.
Now most missing persons are located and found within the first week. Our Police Officers work tirelessly to ensure families don’t remain separated for too long, if at all.
But on the flip side of this majority is a harsh minority. 
1600 people are still classified as missing long term.

Someone who is missing long term, is considered to be 3 months or longer. Now initially we can look at this and go ‘Oh, three months, that’s a fair bit of time’. But imagine if that was your son. Your daughter. Your wife or your husband. Your best friend or cousin.

Imagine if it was someone you know.
First week goes by, you’re panicking. Where the HELL did they go?
First month goes by. You feel as though this is getting ridiculous and that they’re gone forever.
3 months go by, your family member or friend is considered a long term missing person.
The emotional state can be devastating.

So, why is it that every week we post about long term missing people? Why do we still hold out hope? Even for those who have been missing for months, even years? 
Because to us it’s not just a person. It’s a son, a daughter, a best friend, a partner or a relative. These are real people with real families and friends who are concerned, terrified and want nothing more than for the person who is missing to come home.
We believe that there are many people out there who have the ability to be found, and if there’s anything we can do to help, even if it’s a weekly post or two, then we’ll do it.
But it’s not just up to us. It’s also up to you. You can get involved in bring family members home.
Sharing a post might do more than you could imagine.
Maybe it’s our posts, maybe it’s the Federal Police’s posts, or maybe it’s one of the many missing persons pages out there.

Let’s do all we can to help bring people home, because together we can do so much. 

Ryan Lim
How to process Bad News

Here at down under investigations, we love celebrating the wins with our clients. Often great results can come after years and years of struggle and pain for our clients, so when a breakthrough occurs, we can’t help but get a little bit excited for our them. But unfortunately, sometimes through our surveillance services, the results don’t necessarily end in a win for a client. Often they end in tears, pain and broken hearts. Often we find that in some way shape or form, someone has been lying to them, and that news is never easy to hear.

Often we uncover unfaithful partners as well as family members who are lying. And although it’s usually better not to be with these people considering the way that they’ve acted whilst in the relationship or in your family, the initial process can be quite hard to deal with. So, what do you do? How do you deal with all this pain, embarrassment and even shame? The honest truth is that it’s not gonna be easy, but hopefully our advice will help. 

Surround yourself with good people. 

After you’ve discovered the bad news, it’s good to surround yourself with people you know you can trust, people who you know will stand with you in this time of need. 

This could be family, friends or even a good bunch of co-workers. It will create avenues for you to talk about it or maybe even create places and spaces that will help take your mind off things and distract you for a little bit. We’ve found that isolation is often not the best way to deal with bad news, so surround yourself with good people who will have your back in the good or bad.

Get physical.

At some point you’re going to get angry, and that’s completely fine. You shouldn’t feel bad for being angry at bad news, nor should you let anyone make you feel bad for doing so!
But you need to release your anger into a safe space. So once you’ve found a great group of people, with whom you can talk to about all this, you need to find a way to release the anger in a safe manner.

So, go for walks, go for runs, go to the gym, take up swimming, take up boxing, take up whatever it is that helps! But just make sure you get a little bit physical! Exercise releases endorphins, which is a substance in your brain that in turn makes you happy! So maybe attending a weekly boxing class, or going for daily walks will be the very best thing to do after receiving bad news.

Change up your environment.

What reminds of you of the person or thing that you’re trying to mentally escape from? Can you get rid of it? Can you change or rearrange it?
Rearrange the furniture. Buy new sheets. Throw away photos. Do whatever you can to change your environment so that you create a safe space for your mind. It’s not going to be easy, because many physical things have memories attached to them. But once they’re gone, it will help you more and more.

Talk to a professional.

Friends are great, they’re caring and loving and are often great listeners. But often it’s best to talk to a professional. Seeking mental help might be the best thing you could do. They’ll know why you’re thinking what you’re thinking, and be able to guide you to where you need to be. There’s no need to be ashamed of talking to a professional. Seeking help just shows that you’re a strong person who wants to be better! So talk it out with a professional, because it will do you a world of good.

The initial stages after receiving bad news can be incredibly strenuous and difficult for your mental health. But know that after the bad news is better days. You’re better off without that person or thing in your life. Trust us. 

It just takes a little time. If you, or anyone you know are struggling with bad news, feel free to contact us, because at Down Under Investigations, we’re always here to help.

Ryan Lim
Steps to Prevent becoming a Cheater

At Down Under Investigations, our team of Private Investigators perform a varying range of tasks. One of which surveillance and investigations for those who are finding their partner to be a bit suspicious.
Sometimes when we perform surveillance for a client, the end result is that the suspected cheater is saying and doing exactly what they said they were doing and that it was no more than bit of paranoia. 

However, we’ve also had to deliver our fair share of bad news over the years. 

But how do you prevent yourself from being a cheater? How do you remain faithful? What do you do to combat certain desires and feelings you might be expressing towards someone who isn’t your partner or spouse? This is why we’ve put together a few pieces of advice on how to avoid becoming a cheater, and also how to help your friends and family if you become suspicious. 

1. Talk to Someone. 

Maybe it’s a professional: a marriage counsellor, psychologist or counsellor. Maybe it’s a mate you know you can trust. Maybe it’s your parents or even your spouse. But if you’re having feelings for another man or woman, you need to talk to someone about it. Don’t let the thoughts you have take over who you are. Find someone you can trust, and talk to them about how you’re feeling. They may not have all the answers, but it means they’ll be able to hold you that bit more accountable. It WILL be hard at first, but not as hard as losing your partner.

2. Think about your future? 

What will happen after you cheat? Will it be a secret? Will it be a burden on your conscious? 
Often we don’t think about the repercussions of our decisions, especially when it comes to cheating. But, before you do anything, think about your wife or husband. Think about your kids. Think about your future with the both of them. If you cheat, will there even be one? Is the risk worth losing everything? Don’t gamble your life away on a one night stand. It’s not worth it. 

3. Seperate yourself from the Person you want to cheat with. 

How much time are you spending with the woman or man you want to be with? If you know that it’s a dangerous relationship, minimise your time with them. Say it’s a work colleague. Try get into the office early and out early. Try working from home. 
If you put a cookie jar within reach of your kid and say you can’t have one. They’ll want one and be able to get a cookie. 
If you put a cookie jar out of their reach, no matter how high they jump they won’t be able to get a cookie. Sometimes we need to seperate ourselves from the person we desire, even if initially they’ve been a great friend. For the sake of your family, draw away from them. Until you are fully in control of your decisions. 

If you feel like there’s no one you can talk to, seek help professionally and address the way you’re feeling before it’s too late. However, if you see a friend who looks as though they might be a potential cheater, call it out. It could save their marriage and family. If you have any questions in regards to cheating partners, or what to do next, feel free to call us, we’re always here to help. 

Ryan Lim
New Year New Gear!

The new year is upon us, and with that comes goals and resolutions. Now of course there are the classics, like fitness, reading more or maybe finding love. But what about being safer? 

Have you thought about making 2019 your safest year yet? 
Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but here at Down Under Investigations, we go further than the average Private Investigator. We believe in safety for you and your family, and although we can’t be there every night to make sure of this. But we can make sure your safer via some of the gear we supply.

Today we’re taking a look at the top three pieces of equipment to create a safer environment for you and your family. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Dummy Security Camera.

Dummy Security Cameras are easy to install, battery operated and have a motion sensor that gives the impression of a real security camera. The essence of a dummy security camera is that it’s a repellant rather than a deterrent. However, we believe that it’s a great tool in creating a safer environment for you and your loved ones. 

2. GPS Vehicle Tracker.

Maybe you rent cars. Maybe you’re a Tessie who stores thousands of dollars worth of tools in your Ute. Or, maybe you own multiple cars and have lent one to a mate. 

Owning a GPS tracker (or one for each vehicle) could be the difference in losing thousands of dollars after a theft. Car thefts happen more than you think, and recovering them is even harder. But with a GPS tracker, you might save yourself the struggle and financial strain. 

It’s definitely a must have for your 2019 safety goals.

3. Hidden Camera Alarm Clock.

It’s subtle yet affective. It has a motion sensor camera and is perfect for the bedroom. It also works perfectly as an alarm clock so will be unsuspecting to those who enter the room. Many unsuspecting people can enter your bedroom like thieves, but more often than not they can be suspected, such as cheaters, nanny’s and not so friendly ‘friends’ etc. But with this, you’ll be able to view all movements that were made in your bedroom without you knowing. So if you’ve had a suspicious 2018, then 2019 needs to be a year where you clear the air and make safety your priority. 

We want your 2019 to be your safest year yet for you and your family. All of these products and more can be purchased on our online store, but if there’s anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. 

Ryan Lim
Why GPS Trackers Are More Important Than You Think

Let’s be real. We’ve all seen enough movies and TV shows to know what a GPS tracker is, and we all know what they do.

They’re small devices that can reveal the exact location of the objects they’re attached to. And sometimes (like in the spy movies you’ve seen them in) they’re sneakily placed on others, or sometimes they’re used to track the bad guys! 

And because of this, often we think to ourselves ‘why would I need something like that in my life? Isn’t it only in the movies?’.

It’s definitely not just for the movies.

Now you may not be trying to locate your arch nemesis who’s taking over the world. And your last name may not be Bond. But GPS trackers can definitely come in handy, especially vehicle trackers, which is what we’ll be talking about today. 

Vehicle trackers trackers are not only magnetic and easy to install, but they’re incredibly useful. 

The first reason why you might need a vehicle tracker is for an unfaithful partner.

Say your partner has suddenly started going for long drives. The drives are at strange hours and are completely out of the ordinary. You can attach one to your or their car subtly and track they’re car movements.

Not only can you track where they’ve been, but you can track where they are. Live. They are often linked to a website or app where you can see they’re movements in real time. This means that if their just popping down to Coles, or going to a random address, you’ll know. 

The second reason is due to car theft.

Whether you own cars, rent cars or have lent yours to a mate, you can never be too careful. 

Did you know that according to Budget Direct, 52,858 cars were stolen in Australia in 2017? 

That’s one car every ten minutes. Not only that, but 1 in 5 were never recovered, and 53% of motorcycles were never recovered. Often we think it’ll never happen to us, but with numbers like that, it’s way more likely than your think. 

Imagine how many vehicles and motorcycles could have been recovered if they’d used a GPS tracker? 

You might think that they’re too far fetched or that you can’t afford one. However the statistics are there, and you might not be able to afford not to. However, as we’ve stated before, these should not and cannot be used for stalking. That is illegal, and is not the purpose of GPS trackers. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is legal to put a GPS tracker on your car, but not on other cars that you do not own.

GPS trackers can be purchased from our online store, so make sure you get one soon before it’s too late.

Ryan Lim
Potential Mental Signs A Spouse May Be Cheating

There are many physical signs a partner is cheating, including random and new smells on clothes and flesh, rapid change in work hours and extra activities, hours unaccounted for, sudden desire to hide phone messages and social media accounts etc... and we have discussed these and many more in our previous blogs and podcasts. However, this blog will focus on the mental signs you may notice which are signs pointing to a potential cheating spouse. 

1- A lack of passion. 

Your spouse seems bored with you, bored with their job, bored with the kids, bored with once enthralling hobbies, and bored with their life in general. When passion shifts towards another person, everything else can appear dull and boring. This new sense of boredom could be the direct result of passion for someone else and a wanting to be out of the current situation. 

2- Erratic behaviour

A sudden urge to seek danger and excitement. 

You may notice your spouse seems to want to experience danger or make risky decisions in their life. This may include reckless behaviour, aggressive language.

3- Sudden lack of sexual intimacy or desire.

You may sense a dramatic decline in intimacy and connection in your relationship. This can happen when the fires of sexual desire are being stoked somewhere else. 

4- Sudden increase in sexual intimacy and desire

You feel strong and sudden changes by your spouse in your sex life together. A dramatic increase, sexual action and attraction. This will often come as a result of guilt by your spouse and expresses itself in giving you extra attention and attempts at satisfaction.

5- A change in bedroom behaviour.

You may notice your spouse bring new things into the bedroom that were never there before. Whether that be bringing in toys/positions/other people/fantasies. 

6- Self-doubt and depression.

You may see your spouse express feelings of self-doubt and exhibit low self-esteem. This can be due to the shifting mindset of your spouse and their desire to actually admit what is going on behind the scenes.

7- Lack of ownership of your relationship.

You notice your spouse doesn't express any jealousy regarding who you spend your time with, and a general lack of care about how you spend your time. They aren’t caring about your relationship or their role in keeping a relationship healthy.

8- Confusing conversation and behaviour.

Often, a mental sign of a potential cheater could be that you may notice your spouse has a sense of confusion and delusion about themselves. They change their mind about what they are thinking, feeling, who they have been with and where they have been and gone.

9- Distraction.

Your spouse may seem constantly or easily distracted and unable to focus. They may be unable to sit and have simple conversations with, be fidgety and dart from one thing to the next without going too deep. This may be because they want to keep things shallow, and any depth in conversation they feel will reveal the truth about what they are up to and their cheating ways.

Of course these mental behaviours could simply be triggered by other factors like stress, grief, tiredness, hormones. But a combination of these mental behaviours could also point to a potential cheating partner. Remember, it’s not worth making any drastic decisions or accusations until you have ultimate truth of a betrayal by a spouse. We can definitely assist in obtaining evidence which cannot be denied or explained away, giving you total peace of mind. 

Contact us if you’d like to discuss further.

Ryan Lim